Flat Stan First Aid

This is a 60 - 75 contact minutes.

First Aid for Young people aged 4 - 9 years which covers:

  • How to get help.
  • When to call 999.
  • How to check if someone is breathing.
  • How to help someone who is choking.
  • The theory of how to deliver chest compressions using the Flat Stan manikins.
  • How to deal with burns.
  • How to deal with bleeding.
  • How to deal with a nose bleed.
  • Have fun with bandages and slings.
  • On successful completion of the course a Flat Stan booklet & sticker will be issued to each child attending.

Derwent Training Consultants Ltd is accredited by - FAIB 1142/92/130

On-Site Booking

This course can be run "On-Site". The price starts £130.00 for a group of up to 30.

Contact us on 01332 986565 or use the button below to book your On-Site course today.

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